Wednesday, February 18, 2009

5 Inches Of Totally Naked Calf.

I wasn't expecting it. I wasn't hoping for it. I could barely remember what it looked like. But suddenly, there it was on display right in front of me.  5 inches of totally naked calf emerging from a car as we drove down Main Street in Sisters. No Sorrel boots, no thick ski pants, no heavy fleece. Nothing. Just totally naked calf basking in the 41 degree heat.  I slammed on the brakes sending Melanie and Taiga crashing into the windshield and just stared.  5 inches of totally naked calf.  I became aroused.  My breathing increased. My chest heaved. I felt like Daniel Day Lewis when Michelle Pfeiffer took off her glove in 'The Age of Innocence.' What kind of debauchery can I expect when we hit 50 degrees?


  1. You haven't said if the calf was male or female. Or doesn't it matter?

  2. It was a young woman's. But I'm over it. Today I saw legs, two of them, with only shorts.