Monday, February 23, 2009

A Truckload of Gravel

Recently Melanie and I were invited by our neighbors to attend a concert to benefit Sisters High School. It was a great evening with Michael McDonald from the Doobie Brothers performing in the high school's incredible auditorium.  (Nicer than most venues I've been in anywhere.) My favorite, and the most telling part of the evening, though, was when they announced the auction prizes we could bid on.  Prize #1. Three nights at the gorgeous Salishan Resort on the coast with all meals at their award winning gourmet restaurant, two rounds of golf and spa treatments. Polite applause.  Prize #2.  A handmade acoustic Breedlove guitar crafted of the finest wood, inlaid with mother of pearl, finished in gold plate and autographed by Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald.  Mild applause.  Prize #3. A truckload of gravel delivered anywhere in Central Oregon. Wild unrestrained applause, screams of ecstasy, small children crushed in the stampede for the door. 

1 comment:

  1. I'd go for the Breedlove. They are unbelievable guitars.