Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Elk Profiteroles

As an animal lover and an aspiring vegetarian I feel I have to stand up and let my voice be heard when I see an animal being mistreated.  In this case, one of the proudest, most noble beasts in the wild has had to suffer not just the indignity of being hunted and killed but then to be served up as a dish called Elk Profiteroles.  What kind of callous idiot would turn an elk into a profiterole and then drizzle chocolate sauce on it. Show some respect. Grill it at least and lay a nice pile of mashed potatoes next to it. Maybe some asparagus. But don't dainty it up like some Christmas goose.  Why don't you just run out into the woods and put a tutu on a grizzly bear and force it to perform Swan Lake. 

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