Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Could Give The DMV A Good Name

Someone needs to let the DMV know what's going on at the Bend, Oregon branch before things get out of hand.  Here's what happened. At 9AM I entered the DMV in order to register my Jeep in Oregon and get a set of those really nice plates with the green tree in the middle.  I walked up to the counter and took a number, 26. Before getting back to my seat, my number was called. I approached the counter cautiously and was greeted by a friendly and helpful women. I became suspicious immediately. She persisted to treat me in a courteous manner then came around the counter and asked to go outside and see the vehicle in question so she could help me fill out the paperwork. This was at 9:02AM.  At 9:03 we re-entered the DMV (or so she claimed) and I was asked for $60. The woman turned and walked to the back wall and returned moments later with my new Oregon plates, said thank you and have a nice day.  Five minutes from the moment we walked in until I hand my new plates in hand. My wife and I left and went to the Pancake House to decide how we should handle this. 

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