Friday, May 29, 2009

Good Will Exiting

I just drove through Salt Lake City recently and whatever moron was put in charge of writing the exit signs should have six of their wives taken away. Every sign looks like the math equation that Matt Damon solved in Good Will Hunting.  This is sort of what you have to decipher as you're traveling 70 mph.

Exit 258-B
ISB25S     SW East 203 21st 2000/45 3 miles
ISBA/3    20443   IA200/BB345W 2.5 miles
HWY229  1002/2003 1/2 E 4   miles

Is anyone out there from Salt Lake.  Can you explain this to me? Is it like those old cities where they made the streets like a maze to confuse invaders? Are they just smarter then me in Salt Lake? 


  1. Judging from your ignorance of tires, your inability to fill up the car with petrol, and now your mea culpa about not being able to navigate some simple road signs, perhaps it's best that you just let Mel drive.

    Then, in appreciation for her driving your emasculated self all about town, you could bake her a quiche.

  2. Proud to be a new member!

    Interesting that no matter where us L.A. survivors go, we are still victims.....Of culture shock!

    "Angelian" Lost in Paris, I could tell tales that would melt those tires, kill more than one deer- and- Please! You think YOU have trouble with road signs? I don't think the French even understand the concept!

    Keep up the blog, Mark, it's nice to have a kindred spirit lost in the wilderness